Sunday, January 27, 2013

In The Kitchen with Sidney Gaskin

I couldn't help but get excited about my Facebook friend's Youtube videos! Sidney and I know each other from...well, I can't even remember where we first came across each other on the Net, but we are definitely good Facebook friends now.

Recently, we began talking about putting together a cookbook and shared ideas about food, cooking, recipes that were important to us. I was completely in awe. Not because she knew her way around the kitchen better than me (though, she probably does!), but because, within a short hour, we covered so many areas of cooking, from spice mixes to what to have on hand in the pantry. We traversed different cultures and cuisines, and I could feel myself become more excited about the cookbook idea.

Well, I guess Sidney couldn't wait for the cookbook to materialize, because just recently, I came across two videos, called "In the Kitchen." In a quick montage of still images, Sidney shows a quick and easy recipe that she and her handsome (if I may say so myself!) son make in their home kitchen. There is great music to accompany the assortment of images as you quickly learn how to make a simple, but very tasty meal that can readily satisfy you, your children or the whole family.

The first one up was the Bacon and Egg Bundle, a wonderful breakfast treat that can be popped into the toaster or regular oven in the morning, using up leftover silver dollar pancakes.

The second video was a little more ambitious, but is so versatile that I cannot wait to try not only the savory version, but a sweet one.

Chicken Broccoli Braided Bread is definitely something for the family, and I am already thinking of how to use this recipe and adapt it for the upcoming Super Bowl. Can't you just see a filling made of pepperoni, other sausage meat and cheeses? Or make a completely Veggie Braided Bread with other veggies along with the broccoli.

Well, I am putting Sidney on blast because I want her to be a part of Foodie4Access on a regular basis. You will see her videos here, on F4As Facebook page and also F4A's Tumblr page.

And, I will keep you up-to-date about the cookbook...after I make this bread!

Now it's your turn, Readers:

What do you think? Would you like to see more "In the Kitchen" videos?

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