Saturday, September 29, 2012

My Three Sons - New Flavor!

While walking through my local Harris Teeter, I love to come across the display tables! There is always some delicious, delectable drop of goodness to be found and yesterday was no different.

Right near the cheese and bread aisle was a table for My Three Sons (MTS). I was kind of surprised, because MTS has been a regular now for some time. If you read my blog post on pimiento cheese, you know they are one of my favorites. But, to my greater surprise and happiness, there was a new flavor: Spicy White Cheddar.

In fact, not only was there a new flavor, but a new product.

Clear cups with covers, filled with pita chips on the bottom and a small container of pimiento cheese resting on top.

Had to bring one home for the family [Snack cup]
New to the market are snack cups; a convenient travel up with pita chips on the bottom and a small container of pimiento cheese on top. Obviously made for those of us who can't wait to return home to get back to our pimiento cheese, these snack cup would easily fit in a lunch bag with a cooling gel pack. The snack cup come with Original flavor and Spicy White Cheddar.

The new flavor, Spicy White Cheddar, was marvelous! A smoky and even cayenne pepper heat permeated the super flavorful white cheddar cheese spread. Not too hot, it was a perfect mix of Vermont cheddar cheese and warmth. I guess you can tell I love it.

For now, the snack pack will be available in Original and the Spicy White Cheddar. I had to ask when a full tub of the new flavor would be available. With a secretive smile, our server murmured, "There is a tub, but right now, the snack cup will be available at Harris Teeter only. Oh, I just LOVE to be in on the special flavors and locations!! I couldn't worm any other secrets out of her, so for now, run, roll, stroll down to your nearest Harris Teeter and try Spicy White Cheddar.

Leave me a comment when you have tried it, and let me know what you think. Hope the new tubs are out by the holidays! My Three Sons, are you listening?

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