Friday, August 31, 2012

Come Out! The DNC Wants to See You! Part II

The skyline of Charlotte made up of words with "Charlotte in 2012 and four stars underneath the skyline
Charlotte in 2012 logo
Well, if you made it through the last post, congratulations! This time around, I am going to post links and pics to save time and let you click where you want to go!

All Things DNC and Charlotte:

All Thing DNC and Charlotte In Spanish:

Looking for Spanish versions of everything? Ahora, La Página de Web en Español de la Convención Nacional Demócrata 2012 Está Vivo!

A line of smiling Latino women holding signs that read "Latinos for Obama."
They are ready to vote!

Watch It on YouTube

I mentioned apps in the last blog post, but what about You Tube? I am sure hundreds of delegates, visitors and family are putting up videos. Type in "dnc 2012," and you will get a plethora of digital action. Here is the main Channel for Charlotte in 2012:

The Charlotte Stories Series

I would be remiss if I didn't talk about this wonderful collection of docu-shorts; films produced by local videographers, including my dear friend, LaShawnda Becoats of Darling Media Group. Over 30 stories illustrating the strength, vision and innovative spirit of Charlotte, Carolina Stories were aired earlier in the year at local eateries, but now can be seen here:

I'm The Map!

Image of Uptown Charlotte's main DNC area with circular path for protesters
CATS Map of protest rout

Where are you going? When can you get there? Check out these great interactive locators. The second one breaks down what streets are accessible by the day! And, please use public transport!

[Description: Hand holding a cellphone with following words: "We're the bloggers, artists, filmmakers, photographers, and journalists participating in the #DNC2012
Image from PPL website

Online Media and Blogger Space

One of the most eclectic scenes to happen in Charlotte is the PPL. A innovative media space for the rest of us; bloggers, vloggers, artists and other media resources outside the mainstream. The concept is so unique, that I signed up to participate. Will post pics at a later date, but go ahead and check out the video and events planned.
There are the usual concerns on whether Charlotte is ready for this influx of people, traffic and attention. From what I have seen and researched, as well as the amount of information available to the public, I believe Charlotte has prepared the best they can. If you or someone you know as a person with a disability has any issue, please let me know, but don't stay home. Come on out. Celebrate a historic moment in Charlotte's cultural history! And, if you intend to be in town, let me know!

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