Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Purpose: What Is My Why

The idea of returning to the blogsphere (really, where did that word come from?) has been in the back of my mind for some time now. After penning Having a Unique Family from 2008 to 2011 , blogging wasn't new to me. But after all the soul-baring required in that blog, I didn't want to return with such heavy-handed, strong woman, inspirational meanderings.

Picture of Uptown Charlotte
New Home! Beautiful Charlotte, North Carolina [Description: Daytime image of the Charlotte uptown skyline]

As difficult at that time was, life had continue to evolve for us, and after some difficult decisions (relocating to Charlotte in 2010, a 2nd divorce in 2011), I wanted to enjoy life, look at it with some fun and hope, and get away from the hardship that permeated my first blogging attempt.

At the same time, some parts of life continue. Oldest son is older, but we still deal with autism on a daily basis. Youngest son is in remission, but his memory and executive functioning have never returned to pre-sickness levels. I am better and yet, not better. After working for 15 months in a virtual supervisory role, I returned to disability because despite advances in technology, I, like many others who deal with disabling conditions, found the availability of jobs remain at an all time low.

So, as I embarked on new adventures: a computer class, a new relationship, volunteer opportunities, the desire became stronger and stronger to write again. This time, there would be a different purpose. This time I would talk about things I am passionate about! What are those things, you ask?


It seemed that in the midst of many of the hardest times past, I pulled together a meal that held our little family (affectionately known as The Little Rag-Tag Band!) close. Sometimes, if I couldn't sleep (from whatever disorder made it difficult that night), I sat at the computer compiling more and more recipes. Shopping excursions always involved looking for items to use in a dish I saw on TV, on the Internet, in a magazine, etc. And, even when things were changing and rearranging financially, Groupon and Living Social and every other site like them made it possible for me to go to some of the best spots in town for a fraction of the cost.

Food has figured into my life very deeply.
Salad: Vegan BBQ Strips, Feta Cheese with Tossed Greens
Vegan BBQ Strips, Feta Cheese with Tossed Greens! [Description: White bowl with salad greens, diced tomatoes, bbg vegan riblet slices and feta cheese chunks]
It was the first line of contact that my oldest son with autism allowed me to share with him. Although he is not pursuing a culinary career, he remains my best and most available foodie buddy. Food figured into my recovery from generational diseases and my son's recovery from autonomic nervous system dysfunction. Food has been a part of the fabric of my family relationships longer than disability or technology. When we found out in our genealogy that we had kitchen cooks on both sides of the family, no one was surprised. And everyday, I find that my heart is deeply intertwined with what we shall eat, cook, creatively arrange and serve. The desire to entertain, even with cheese cubes and some wine intensifies as the weekend approaches. Disability has changed, but not dampened this passion. Technology, as always, assists in reaching out to others with the same passion.

The purposed of this blog is to explore how food brings life, love and quality of living to my family and others in the world. I will look at how disabling conditions change the canvas of food expectancy, availability and social connection. Also, how does technology continues to enable us to communicate and connect with food and each other.

And, of course, this blog gives me a chance to talk about how much I love good food, great restaurants, people who really get accessibility in dining and living. Sometimes, I will allow guest bloggers to bring their perspective to the table. It might be edgy, in-your-face activism or it may be a sentimental journey to kitchens past. At my table, all are always welcome.

If you have an idea, a personal story or a site that you would like to share, please feel free to post it in the comments, and let's talk about it.

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Okay, let's get started!


  1. HI!!!
    So glad to see you here :) I have a food question.

    Do you know of any ways to jazz up a bottled Alfredo sauce? We're eating out of the pantry this week to conserve funds, so it's Pasta night tonight.

    See you in a couple weeks.
    Love, Nessie

  2. I can actually help you with this one, But, maybe, my other friends will chime in who are actual chefs. As for the sauce, simple add-ins could be: 1. garlic (if you like it) to make a garlic alfredo; 2. extra pepper, especially if you have those containers that can crack the peppercorn as you need it or 3. extra shredded parmesan cheese to give some life and take away some of that jarred taste. But, I will also tell you this; it is not hard to make a homemade low-fat Alfredo sauce. Here is a simple recipe that I keep on hand: